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Acting Reel 2019



I Hate Being Single - That's Love

Pilot. Audience Choice Award at NYTVF.

Frosted Mini Wheats

Branded content produced with Above Average.


Sexy Baby vs. Business Woman

A social experiment created by Funny or Die. (A ton more views on FoD's site, if that stuff matters). 


A couple of Brooklyn entrepreneurs try to compete with Wythe Hotel's roof.

Breaking Up

Written by me and shot by Giga Shane. Featured front page on Funny or Die.


Best Medicine

Starring in a short produced by Also Also.

Hablamos Español!

Dom y George show off the only Spanish phrases they seem to know.

Dom on the Phone

A complitation of dumb improvised outtakes discarded from the original sketch.

Riding with Dom

Dom interviews a good friend while he drives him to Staples!

NYC Fire Hydrant

My impression of a NYC fire hydrant at UCB Maude Night.


Maybe a cross between Letterman and Fallon?


March Madness Buzzer Beaters

I decided to perfectly reenact these shots :P

Funny or Die: Spaghetti

An Italian who tries "spaghetti" for the first time.


Dom on the Phone 2

Four years later, we decided to do it again.

Oh F*** Yeah

There's an idiot in church.

Rob's Room: Nap Time

You know I can't commute without my podcasts.

Rob's Room: You Don't Watch Homeland?!

I don't care about Rob's television shows.

Are you in the "Friendzone"?

Produced by Flama. You can see me breakup with MTV's Lisa Ramos.

Myrtle & Willoughby


Accutime Segment 

The first time I've ever put this up. I still love doing it with new memes and catchphrases. This video is clunky up top because the tech froze and we had to restart :P

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